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Michael Shively Justice for Shively

Professor Michael J. Shively (1946 - 2019)

Please find the “Shively v. UVU, Tuminez, Clemes, Flood” Complaint with Exhibits filed in federal court at THIS LINK


GRAMA Request to Utah Valley University re Dr. Michael J. Shively


Dr. Michael Jay Shively was abruptly escorted from campus and suspended from his teaching position under the guise of a “serious offense affecting the public interest” on March 25, 2019.


However, the public has not been informed as to Dr. Shively’s “serious offense,” nor provided any justification for the prolonged 21-week investigation until his death. A student-organized memorial for Dr. Shively was shut down by UVU. We seek to understand UVU’s justifications for the refusal to allow students to honor a devout UVU colleague, teacher and friend.


We want to know why this investigation was approved and allowed to continue until the death of this devoted and esteemed professor, who some referred to as the top anatomist in the US. Dr.  Shively was the lead author of a human anatomy textbook and over 100 scholarly publications.


He was recognized as Teacher of the Year five (5) times, and served as Faculty Senate President, Department Chair and Faculty Athletic Representative during a stellar 27-year career at UVU. Dr. Shively earned his DVM, M.S, and Ph.D. from Purdue University. He taught both veterinary and human anatomy and physiology before coming to UVU, and he was a prolific author in peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as a solicited reviewer, with four more publications currently in preparation. He was appointed the Human Anatomy Program Coordinator in 1993, when he redesigned the curriculum and built a program that earned statewide and national recognition.


THIS PETITION, therefore, respectfully request the following:


  1. All information that UVU’s President Astrid S. Tuminez received or relied upon in connection with her March 25, 2019 letter suspending Dr. Michael J. Shively for a “serious offense  affecting the public interest.”
  2. All information in UVU’s Final Investigation Report of Dr. Shively relating to a “serious offense affecting the public interest,” including findings, admissions and conclusions otherwise.

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